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Customised transport

Some examples

You are afraid of flying and you would still like to go on holiday without having to take an airplane? Not a problem, VIP-Chauffeur takes you to your destination.

You have an important meeting and you want to work on a number of preparations en route? With VIP-Chauffeur you simply continue working and you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed.

You have foreign guests who are staying at a hotel? VIP-Chauffeur provides for comfortable transport!

You are planning a trip abroad by air but you do not want to leave your beautiful car at the parking that long? VIP-Chauffeur takes you to the airport and picks you up again afterwards. Carefree travelling!

You have an injury that prevents you from temporarily using your car? VIP-Chauffeur looks after your transport ‘on call’. As soon as you need to move, we are there for you!